• USB>Lightning 1m AppleApproved
  • USB>Lightning 1m AppleApproved

    Item no.: 440-75
    EAN: 5705730440755

    With the Sandberg Sync and Charge Cable, you can sync with your computer and charge the battery from there directly or from a charger with a USB port.

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    Available in the following sizes: 1 m, 2 m, 3 m

    Price: £12.99
    S. R. P. ex. VAT: £10.83


    • Nurido.eu says:
      »Well done, Sandberg! This Danish vendor has created a USB to Lightning cable, which is better than the original one.«


    The measurements refer to the product and packaging respectively.
    Product Package
    Height: - cm 13.00 cm
    Width: - cm 8.20 cm
    Depth: - cm 1.60 cm
    Weight: - g 80 g

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