• Panther Sound 2.1
  • Panther Sound 2.1

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    This product has been discontinued
    Item no.: 125-14
    EAN: 5705730125140

    The Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 is a smart amplified speaker set comprising a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The subwoofer gives a strong bass, while the satellite speakers produce pure treble. The result is a great sound experience whether you are playing a game, watching a film or listening to music. The set includes a cabled remote control allowing you to easily adjust the volume. The set uses a normal headphone connector, so it also works with devices other than your computer, such as MP3 players and TVs.

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    • Komputer for Alle in Denmark has reviewed the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (September 2008). They said:
      »...has a solid feel and fairly good weight... the subwoofer produces some good solid thumps...«
    • "Magasinet Digitalt" has mentioned the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (5 May 2008). They said:
      »...sets a new standard for how much sound you can get for your money...its elegant design, impressive sound, user-friendliness, compact size and attractive price make it more than the sum of its parts...powerful bass...small and handy remote control...the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 is all you need for a great sound experience...«
    • Computing Made Easy in UK has tested the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (April 2008). They awarded it 4 out of 5 smilies. The review mentioned:
      »...a very attractive price...you are getting value for money...Setting it up is simple and users wil have it all up and running in a minute or two...«
    • Gadgetspeak.com in UK has tested the Sandberg Panther Sound 2.1 (April 24th, 2008). The review mentioned:
      »... Setting up the Panther Sound speaker system was reasonably straightforward...it is more than adequate for playing back MP3 tracks, watching a DVD on your computer or playing a game...«


    The measurements refer to the product and packaging respectively.
    Product Package
    Height: - cm 20.20 cm
    Width: - cm 29.80 cm
    Depth: - cm 25.00 cm
    Weight: - g 2.5 kg
    • 1 Subwoofer with built-in amplifier
    • 2 Satellite speakers
    • 1 Remote control
    • 1 Connection Y-cable (remote control -> computer & subwoofer) 1.5 metres
    • 2 Connection cables (attached to speakers) 1.5 metres
    • 1 Power cable (attached to subwoofer) 1.5 metres
    • 2 User guides
    • 1 Warranty card
    • Connector: 3.5 cm MiniJack plug
    • Power source: 230V AC
    • Wooden housings
    • Driver unit: 2” / 4”
    • Output power: 5W RMS / 10W RMS
    • Frequency: 200 Hz - 20 KHz / 38 Hz - 250 Hz
    • Impedance: 40 ohms / 60 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 85db / 85db
    • Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 19 cm / 22 x 23.9 x 18.4 cm

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