Gamer Desk Pad XXXL

Gigantic surface 90x45 cm. Fits for mouse and keyboard.

Item no.: 520-27
EAN: 5705730520273

The large surface of this mousepad for gamers provides a premium in-game precision. The mousepad will stay in place during action, thanks to the anti-slip material on the bottom side of the pad.

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Price: £27.99
S. R. P. ex. VAT: £23.33


  • Komputer for Alle says:
    »A genuinely good item. The borders are sewed not glued, ensuring a greater durability for more years to come. Score: 10/10.«
  • TechiSize says:
    »The Gamer Desk Pad XXXL is a great product. Quality and finish are very good, the edging strip is a massive plus, ensuring the product will last longer than those, without one.«
  • GadgetGear says:
    »To gamers with a need for a special mouse pad, the Gamer Desk Pad XXXL is just perfect, as it always remains in place despite of rapid mouse movements.«
  • ReviewsInsider says:
    »Perfect in game precision. Definitely the best mouse mat I have ever used.«
  • says:
    »Provides great precision on the mouse pointer and the thick design makes it soft and nice. You can't live without it, once you have got used to it.«
  • By The Way says:
    »Simply a very beautiful pad at an unbeatable price.«


The measurements refer to the product and packaging respectively.
Product Package
Height: 45.00 cm 57.00 cm
Width: 90.00 cm 10.00 cm
Depth: 0.40 cm 10.00 cm
Weight: 791 g 860 g

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