• Credit Card Powerbank 850
  • Credit Card Powerbank 850

    Battery life extender. Fits in your wallet.

    This product has been discontinued
    Item no.: 420-17
    EAN: 5705730420177

    Sandberg Credit Card Powerbank 850 mAh is a convenient backup battery for your smartphone. With its compact design, it fits snugly in your pocket so you can always have it with you, so you have a solution ready when your phone runs out of power. Compatible with all phones with a Micro USB connector.

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    • Games-Mag says:
      »We are more than satisfied with this device.«
    • Nikktech.com says:
      »No one can match the Sandberg offering in terms of size.«
    • ByTheWay says:
      »A boost of energy whenever you need it.«


    The measurements refer to the product and packaging respectively.
    Product Package
    Height: 6.20 cm 19.00 cm
    Width: 9.20 cm 10.50 cm
    Depth: 0.50 cm 1.50 cm
    Weight: 38 g 70 g
    • 1 Sandberg Credit Card Powerbank 850 mAh
    • 1 Micro USB - USB charging cable 0.3 m
    • Capacity: 850 mAh
    • Input: 5V/1A
    • Output: 5V/1A
    • Connectors: 1 x Micro USB female (IN), 1 Micro USB A male (OUT)
    • Dimensions: 92 x 62 x 4.8 mm

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