USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link
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The magazine Computer Sweden has reviewed the Sandberg USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link, and rated it as CS FAVOURITE. They said:

"For minimal outlay you can give old or new hard disks a new life as an image archive, backup set or network storage..."

The Danish magazine "Komputer for Alle" awarded the Sandberg USB All-in-1 Hard Disk Link an amazing 9 out of 10 points and it was "Recommended". The review mentioned:

"... Connect your hard disk in a minute...With Sandberg's ingenious solution you can quickly and easily connect an old hard disk to your computer without any need for a screwdriver or special technical know-how...It's very easy to connect to a new computer via the USB connector...No drivers needed...Good price...Very user-friendly..."

The British magazine ComputerActive has mentioned the Sandberg USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link. They say:

"...a cheap and relatively easy way to transfer large amounts of data..."

ComputerActive in UK has tested the Sandberg USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link.They awarded it 4 out of 5 stars. The review mentioned:

"Hard Disk Link is an axcellent way to get at the files...much faster than using a USB memory key or creating a DVD...Installation and file transfer went swimmingly...a cheap and simple way to move files..."

The British magazine "PC Pro" has tested the Sandberg USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link. The review mentioned:

"... Transfer speeds were impressive: When we tested a SATA disk, we achieved a speed of 21 Mbit/s..."

The British magazine "What Laptop & Handheld PC" has tested the Sandberg USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link. The review mentioned:

"... You don't need to install drivers as Windows detects them in the same way it does any other USB drive...It's a good product to have..."

OCteamDenmark has tested the product thoroughly and concludes:

"ABSOLUTELY worth the price. Every computer expert ought to have this solution."

The British website GadgetSpeak has tested the Sandberg USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link. They said:

"...This is an interesting piece of kit if like me you have a couple of redundant internal IDE drives lying around. It can also work with SATA drives..."

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Turn your hard disk into a USB drive

The Sandberg USB All-In-1 Hard Disk Link is a bestseller. An unbelievably simple idea, which is amazingly easy to use and solves several big problems at once.

Whether it's a question of backup, transporting large amounts of data, extending your hard disk capacity or transferring data from your old to your new computer, this product can solve the task perfectly . No screws, installation CDs etc. All you have to do is plug it in.

Attach the hard disk to the large connector. This can be either 2.5" or 3.5" and IDE, ATA, ATAPI, SATA I or SATA II. It recognises all of them! Then plug the USB connector into the computer while the computer is on. The hard disk will now appear on the screen as if it's a USB key. It's never been easier.

It's not surprising that the press are excited about this product. Just look at the small selection of comments from the reviews in the column on the right.